My parcel is missing a product! What should I do?


My parcel is missing a product! What should I do?

Firstly, we're so sorry! All our parcels are lovingly packed by hand and very rarely a product gets missed by human error!

Drop us a line at and we'll get the product sent to you ASAP.


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    Alison Dodgson

    My pink parcel arrived late again!! When I opened the box it appears that I am missing the normal pads which are usually included in my For Now bag (only daily pads inside). I am also missing the lip gloss from the For You box!! This is not the first time I’ve had items missing and late deliveries which means I have to purchase additional sanitary towels as I have very long and heavy periods and use all of the products you send each month. Please can you ensure that I receive the missing items ASAP and that future PP boxes arrive in time as l am getting to the point of wishing to cancel my subscription if your service does not improve. Thank you

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