What's the difference between the Needs, Wants and All Of It box?


What's the difference between the Needs, Wants and All Of It box?

The Needs box
The Needs box is a femcare only box and is the perfect choice for young girls starting periods or those who just want a delivery of femcare each month. We currently offer one brand of pads for this box, bettypads. These pads contain four ingredients: 100% organic cotton core, a super-soft bamboo top sheet, a plant-based backing, and a non-toxic adhesive. 

The Wants box
The Wants box is our lifestyle only box. If you're on contraception, pregnant or you don't have periods but still want the goodies, you can sign up to receive the lifestyle items only. This box contains a luxe curation of skincare and beauty products designed to soothe your mind, body and generally help you feel great! The products vary every month, the box will always contain a sweet treat and a tea and you should receive 6-8 items each month.

The All Of It box
The All of It box is a combination of the Needs and the Wants box so you'll receive femcare and the lifestyle box. Perfect for anyone who has a period, at any age and wants a package delivered to their door, in time for their cycle. This box is the perfect combination of giving you what you need, along with what you want, during your monthly period.


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