When will my Pink Parcel arrive?


When will my Pink Parcel arrive?

We have 3 delivery dates throughout the month so it all depends on what date you choose! The three dates are 10th, 20th and 28th.

Please note we will need 7 days notice before your delivery date to insure your parcel arrives for that month.

We send an email when your Pink Parcel is dispatched, so if you're not sure what date you chose, you'll know when it's on the way anyway! 



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    nichola speakman

    Hi,payment for my pink Parcel was taken on 12th December for 20th December delivery,but there was no usual email to say it was on its way and it hasn't arrived.was just wondering if it's on its way or if I've been forgotten? Thanks Nicky.

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    Kmills86 Km

    My parcel hasn't arrived.

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